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11 September 2021 @ 04:48 pm
Do not add me, it is not worth it. If you happen to do it, you'll have to read my personal, stupid and random things aaaand probably you'll see a lot more of my sketches than any other I'll be posting in public.
Do you still want to add me? THEN DO IT DHDSKDFH If you do, please drop a comment to know who you are and I'll add you back.

Anyway, I have a few more accounts where I drop my ugly art:
. DeviantART
. Blogger
. Sketchy Tumblr
. Lulz Tumblr
Feel free to check them out!
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11 September 2011 @ 08:26 pm
Aaaaah, I missed taking almost an hour in making my post look good, but it doesn't look that good, because I got lazy to go find the tablet I used to use and to re-size the damn images. Sorry for the laziness!
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I don't!

(Can't really think of a better thing to say, and this was supposed to be the first one!)

[The Legend of Zelda #8, Devil May Cry #4, Final Fantasy #4, DOGS #5)
[The Legend of Zelda #3, Devil May Cry #2, Final Fantasy #2, DOGS #2)

On to the big/small onesCollapse )

.1.It'd be nice if you leave a comment, it's always good to know what people think about my drawings and icons.
2.Credit is not necessary, but it'd be also nice.
3.If you credit, please credit as on_theline
4.You can modify the icons, as long as you ask first. Not personal, but good manners are always welcome
5.If you want to request something please send a private message.
6.You can watch or friend (for friend read this) to keep up updates.
7.Don't claim them as yours or I'll chase you with shotguns.
That's all, thank you! ^^
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